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Sikán’s image is paramount in all these works because like myself, she led and leads –through me-, a disquieting life, looking insistently for a way out

Belkis Ayón, January, 1998


Belkis Ayón Manso (1967-1999)

Printmaker, drawer , curator, teacher

The Artist

Havana, January 23, 1967 - September 11, 1999


• 1979-1982 Elementary School of Plastic Arts "20 de Octubre", Havana.
• 1982-1986 San Alejandro Academy, Havana. Printmaking teachers: Pablo Borges, Carlos A. García and Ángel Ramírez.
• 1986-1991 Bachelor of Art in Printmaking, Art Superior Institute (ISA), Havana. Printmaking teachers: Luis Cabrera, Luis Lara, Rolando Rojas and Pablo Borges.


• 1999 Brandywine Workshop, Center for the Visual Arts Cuba Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
• 1999 The Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
• 1999 Bronski Center, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
• 1999 Bensen Hall Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island, United States.

Belkis Ayon, installing Couturier  Galle
178ba-Bienal de Venecia, 1993.jpg
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