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I National Collography Contest Belkis Ayón



All Cuban students and artists with engravings made in the collography technique, printed between 2011 and 2012, who have not participated in a previous exhibition, event, or contest, will be able to participate.


The works must be sent unframed through certified mail or in person before March 10, 2013, to the headquarters of the Centro Provincial de Arte de Cienfuegos, at Ave 56, No. 2601, between 25 and 27, Cienfuegos, CP 55100, telephone: (043) 55 06 76.

Each artist will have the right to present three works (independent or triptych) duly signed and numbered in pencil, which cannot exceed 60 x 80 cm. Workshop or artist tests are not accepted.

The works submitted to the contest must be unpublished.


A jury will be appointed to select and award the works received. The selected and awarded works will be exhibited at the Cienfuegos Art Gallery, within the program of the 7th La Estampa Fair, an event that will be officially inaugurated on April 6, 2013, at 9 p.m., at which time the will make public the final decision of the jury. The exhibition will remain open to the public for 30 days.

The exhibition will be presented in Havana during the next engraving meeting to be held in 2013.

The selected artists will be given the Certificate of Participation once the exhibition is over, along with the return of their works within 45 days. The organizers of the contest are responsible for the care of the works sent, running with all the expenses generated by the return of the same to their authors.


A single and indivisible Grand Prize will be awarded consisting of 3,000 Cuban pesos (donation from the artists belonging to the workshop and to the Belkis Ayón Estate), a diploma, and a reproduction of a work by the artist to whom the contest is dedicated.

The Jury will award mentions at its discretion without financial endowment.

The winning works will become part of the Cabinet of La Estampa de Cienfuegos.

The award-winning artist will be invited to perform a personal exhibition at the Cienfuegos Art Center next year.

Participating in the Belkis Ayón National Coloring Contest implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The Jury's decision will be final.

More information

Organizing Committee of the Belkis Ayón National Coloring Contest


(043) 51 79 79



(07) 642 30 83


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